N O T I C E !!

Due to the new regulations now being enforced by the FDA, we must require visual confirmation of age. The regulations require that we verify the age of each customer by checking the name, address, and date-of-birth on a photo-ID and comparing the image on the photo-ID with an image of the customer. Therefore, when you place your first order after December 28, 2016, you will need to complete this EASY age verification process:

1. Take a close-up picture of yourself (a "selfie")
holding your photo-ID next to your face .
2. Send the picture via text message or email to:


The good news is that you will only need to verify your age one time, when you place your first order after December 28th.

And when you do, we will automatically discount your entire first order by fifteen percent (15%) !!

For complete details, PLEASE READ:
Age Verification

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