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Our Story From 2009

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Hi! My name is Dave Livingston, founder of JDL Associates, and I've been smoke-free and tobacco-free since January 24, 2009. But for almost forty-six (46) years, I was hopelessly addicted to tobacco, smoking about a pack and a half of cigarettes every day. And my wife smoked about the same amount for more than twenty-seven (27) years. Over time, we tried EVERYTHING to stop smoking: cold-turkey, cutting-down, hypnosis, acupuncture, nicotine gum, nicotine patches, pills . . . the whole nine yards. But nothing ever worked. Even though we were constantly wheezing, coughing, feeling terrible, and desperately wanting to quit, we just could not stop smoking cigarettes. We were hopelessly, desperately addicted.

Then one day, we found the perfect way to quit; the perfect alternative to smoking cigarettes! And I can honestly say that since that day, we have never, not once, wanted to smoke another cigarette. We have had absolutely no cravings for a cigarette whatsoever. We don't cough anymore, we don't keep ourselves up wheezing all night anymore, and we have much more energy. We both sing in the church choir, and after a couple of months, we were absolutely amazed at how much easier it was to sing. We no longer have to deal with ashes all over our clothes and cars, we no longer have to go outside to smoke, and we no longer are stinking up ourselves and everything around us with that awful smell of stale tobacco smoke. And we are saving more than $4,000.00 per year. The best part is that we absolutely do not miss smoking cigarettes . . . not even a little bit.

How in the world did we do it? SO EASILY?

We were very, very skeptical when we first heard about electronic cigarettes (e-cigs), but the prospect of finding something that would give us the same experience as smoking, without any of the bad stuff, was very appealing. So, we decided to do some Internet research to learn all about these new devices. We found out that e-cigs are devices which use heat to vaporize something called "e-liquid". There is no tobacco and no combustion -- therefore no smoke or secondhand smoke. There is just a flavored, mostly odorless vapor that dissipates (evaporates) almost immediately. But when inhaled, this vapor provides a similar experience to inhaling tobacco smoke. This sounded to us like it just might work, so we decided to make the investment in a couple of starter kits to determine if that possibility was real.

The first e-cigs that we purchased were of the original 3-piece design, consisting of a battery, an atomizer, and a cartridge which holds the e-liquid. At first we were very impressed. The taste and sensations were good approximations of smoking a regular cigarette, but without any tobacco or smoke, just an odorless, flavored vapor that immediately dissipated as soon as we exhaled. And the best part was that we immediately stopped smoking cigarettes. We actually liked vaping better than smoking.

BUT THAT'S NOT WHERE THE STORY ENDS. After vaping happily for a week or so, we were concerned that the life of the cartridges was equivalent to only about a half-pack of regular cigarettes. At a cost of $2.00 each, that made vaping almost as expensive as smoking, plus the cost of the equipment. It just wasn’t a good deal. But after a little bit of Internet research, we learned all about e-liquid, or e-juice as some vapers call it. The cartridges can be refilled with e-liquid and reused. You can buy e-liquid for less than $1.00 per milliliter (ml), and each ml is equivalent to about one pack of regular cigarettes. Now we’re talking! And e-liquid comes in many different really great flavors, including tobacco flavor.

So we bought several flavors of e-liquid, and we were off and running. But then after a couple of weeks, my wife started complaining that her jaws hurt from the hard draw of the e-cig, like sucking a thick milkshake through a straw. And then, my atomizer burned out; we later learned that this happens frequently. My wife gladly gave her e-cig to me and reverted back to smoking regular cigarettes. But that e-cig wasn’t working very well either. After some more Internet research, we found out that atomizers just don’t last very long. They either burn out, produce less and less vapor as they are used, or the draw gets harder and harder. At between $10.00 and $25.00 for a new atomizer, which will only last for a couple of weeks, the cost again got out of line. We bought several replacement atomizers, and tried all kinds of ways to clean them and extend their life, but nothing worked very well.

We were discouraged, and my wife was smoking instead of vaping. We thought that there had to be a better solution, so we went to work. We bought and tested samples of all of the various types of vaping devices: pen styles, minis, super minis, mini pen styles, cigars, pipes, etc. And we spent many, many hours reading or watching many, many product reviews. But every product that we tested, and every product about which we read or watched a review, always had the same problems: hard draw, short atomizer life, short battery life, not enough vapor, low density vapor, unresponsive switches, etc., etc., etc. And none of the products that we tested really gave us the "hit" that you get from a regular cigarette. None of them truly replicated the smoking experience. After a couple of months, we were really discouraged!

Then, at just about the time that we were going to give up, we happened to see a review of a new product -- the KR808D-1. What caught our eye were the claims of a super-easy draw and “clouds” of vapor. But what really sparked our interest was the fact that this was truly a new type of vaping device in which the atomizer and the cartridge are combined into a single device called a “cartomizer”. At about the same price as a conventional cartridge, you get a brand new atomizer in every new cartridge, and the cartomizers are re-fillable with e-liquid until the atomizer needs to be replaced!

We were convinced and ordered a starter kit. It seemed like it took forever to arrive in the mail, and every hour of waiting just lifted our expectations higher and higher. In fact, our expectations were so high that I was afraid that we'd be disappointed no matter how good the new device was. Then, when it finally arrived, the batteries needed to be charged for 8 hours before we could try it. The anticipation lifted our expectations even more. But boy was it worth the wait! The draw is extremely light, like sucking water through a straw, just about like a regular cigarette, and the "hit" is perfect! In fact, the KR808D-1 is the best device that we tested in EVERY one of the following categories:

• Draw Force

• Cartridge Capacity

• "Hit" Quality

• Battery Life

• Vapor Amount
• Switch Responsiveness

• Vapor Density

• Refilling Ease

• Taste Smoothness

• Overall Smoking Replication

We were so impressed that we bought 3 more KR808D-1 starter kits, so that we would each have extra batteries and an extra charger, and we both have been exclusively vaping ever since. We are no longer wheezing or coughing. We feel tremendously better. And we've never missed smoking regular cigarettes even one little bit. In fact, after my wife had been using the KR808D-1 exclusively for just 2 weeks, I challenged her to smoke a regular cigarette. After 2 puffs, she couldn't stand it. She ground it out in the ashtray and said that it was the most vile, disgusting thing that she'd ever done.

We have been so impressed with this amazing product, that we decided to start importing them and selling them online at the lowest possible price, so that all smokers can have the opportunity to try it, and become tobacco free with ease.

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Forward To 2016

Well, that was nostalgic, but a lot has changed in the past 7 years! Most people in the vaping industry would say that we are now selling third-generation vaping products. Arguably, however, there have been five major changes to vaping devices, which would mean that the newest products are actually sixth-generation. The interesting thing is that the underlying technology of vaping isn't really any different than the technology of the original KR808D-1. All of the changes can really be summarized in the following four categories:

• The method of replacing the e-liquid around the heating coil as it is vaporized.

• The capacity and output voltage of the batteries, and how that voltage is controlled.

• The temperature used to vaporize the e-liquid, and how that temperature is controlled.

• The purity and flavor diversity of e-liquid.

All of these changes have made things more complicated, but have also given us many more choices and variety in the ways we can enjoy vaping. We now have batteries with a much higher capacity than the KR808D-1, and vaporizers that provide a better vaping experience. But in order to make appropriate decisions regarding the vaping hardware and e-liquid that you purchase, you need to be well informed. We have summarized the knowledge that you need in the following two sections:

PLEASE READ: All About E-Liquid AND: All About The Hardware

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