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Berry Chillâ„¢ Salt-Nic E-Liquid Berry Chill™ Salt-Nic E-Liquid

Smooth, Cool & Fresh Dark Berries
A refreshingly cool blend of blackberries, blueberries and raspberries.

Base Price: $11.99
Black Cactusâ„¢ Salt-Nic E-Liquid Black Cactus™ Salt-Nic E-Liquid

Smooth Blackberries, Raspberries & Cactus Fruit
A potent mix of dark berries with a touch of cactus fruit. Blackberry takes center stage to fulfill every blackberry lover's dream. And sweet yet tart raspberries blend nicely to compliment this amazing juice!

Base Price: $11.99
Blue Cactusâ„¢ Salt-Nic E-Liquid Blue Cactus™ Salt-Nic E-Liquid

Smooth Blue-Raz Lemonade & Cactus Fruit
Blueberries and raspberries perfectly blended with sweet, light lemonade and cactus fruit.

Base Price: $11.99
Blue-Raz Pizzazzâ„¢ Salt-Nic E-Liquid Blue-Raz Pizzazz™ Salt-Nic E-Liquid

Smooth Blueberries & Raspberries
Blueberries and raspberries are perfectly blended to create this very popular flavor. Natural, sweet and tart.

Base Price: $11.99
Cucumber Melonadeâ„¢ Salt-Nic E-Liquid Cucumber Melonade™ Salt-Nic E-Liquid

Cucumber/Watermelon Lemonade
Clean and refreshing cucumber combined with sweet watermelon and lemonade.

Base Price: $11.99
Lemon Dripâ„¢ Salt-Nic E-Liquid Lemon Drip™ Salt-Nic E-Liquid

Sweet & Sour Lemon Drops
A sweet & sour lemon candy. Imagine sugar crystals with a stream of sour and tart being poured on top of fresh juicy lemons to make this amazing candy vape.

Base Price: $11.99
Melon Mojoâ„¢ Salt-Nic E-Liquid Melon Mojo™ Salt-Nic E-Liquid

Watermelon, Cantaloupe, Mango & Papaya
These sweet and wonderful melons splash your taste buds with a fresh blast of clean and fresh!

Base Price: $11.99
MintZâ„¢ Salt-Nic E-Liquid MintZ™ Salt-Nic E-Liquid

Spearmint & Peppermint
A perfect balance of sweet spearmint gum and fresh peppermint candy smoothed out with a touch of madagascar vanilla. Cool and crisp all day long.

Base Price: $11.99
Orange Cactusâ„¢ Salt-Nic E-Liquid Orange Cactus™ Salt-Nic E-Liquid

Sweet Oranges, Lemonade & Cactus Fruit
A beautiful blend of sweet and juicy blood oranges, navel oranges, tangerine, lemonade, cactus fruit, and a touch of orange cream come together in this awesome and explosive juice! The sweet juiciness and zest make this citrus bliss absolutely amazing!

Base Price: $11.99
Peach Cactusâ„¢ Salt-Nic E-Liquid Peach Cactus™ Salt-Nic E-Liquid

Juicy Peaches, Mango & Cactus Fruit
Juicy peaches dominate, with mango, passion fruit and cactus fruit supporting this luscious blend!

Base Price: $11.99
Pink Cactusâ„¢ Salt-Nic E-Liquid Pink Cactus™ Salt-Nic E-Liquid

Pink Lemonade, Rainbow Sherbet & Cactus Fruit
A unique, cool mix of sweet pink lemonade, rainbow sherbet, marshmallow, and cactus fruit. Bright citrus and fruity frozen cream come together to make this amazing sweet blend that stands out from the crowd.

Base Price: $11.99
Purple Blastâ„¢ Salt-Nic E-Liquid Purple Blast™ Salt-Nic E-Liquid

Grap-E-Licious Bubble Gum
A juicy and explosive grape bubble gum with gobs of sweet grape flavor all the way through the exhale! Specifically created for grape lovers!!

Base Price: $11.99
RY4 Salt-Nic E-Liquid RY4 Salt-Nic E-Liquid

Smooth Tobacco, Caramel & Vanilla
A rich and slightly sweet RY4 (tobacco, caramel, & vanilla) formula. This smooth and smoky American tobacco blend features caramel and a blend of both madagascar and bourbon vanilla with a touch of sweet cream and maple.

Base Price: $11.99
Swan Flanâ„¢ Salt-Nic E-Liquid Swan Flan™ Salt-Nic E-Liquid

Sweet Caramel Custard
Caramel and custard fans are sure to love this one. Thick vanilla custard throughout with a blend of caramel and brown sugar.

Base Price: $11.99
Three Leavesâ„¢ Salt-Nic E-Liquid Three Leaves™ Salt-Nic E-Liquid

Three Tobacco Blend
A smooth and balanced blend of cigar, cigarette, and pipe tobacco with a touch of nuttiness for tobacco lovers. A very natural and authentic experience without any artificial off-notes.

Base Price: $11.99
Tropical Breezeâ„¢ Salt-Nic E-Liquid Tropical Breeze™ Salt-Nic E-Liquid

Pineapples, Strawberries, & Coconuts
A fresh tropical mix of juicy pineapple and sweet strawberry with coconut.

Base Price: $11.99
Vanilla Dreamâ„¢ Salt-Nic E-Liquid Vanilla Dream™ Salt-Nic E-Liquid

Vanilla & Graham Cracker
A wonderful combination of several different vanillas with a buttery graham cracker base. Delicious!

Base Price: $11.99
Watermelon Chillâ„¢ Salt-Nic E-Liquid Watermelon Chill™ Salt-Nic E-Liquid

Juicy Watermelon & Cool Cucumber
This juicy watermelon nectar is both cool and crisp. Add a freshly picked and sweetened strawberry with a lightly salted cucumber to finish this watermelon masterpiece.

Base Price: $11.99
White Cactusâ„¢ Salt-Nic E-Liquid White Cactus™ Salt-Nic E-Liquid

Limes, Grenadine, Spearmint & Cactus Fruit
This deliciously unique, light and refreshing combination of limes, pomegranate, spearmint and a touch of cherry make this an amazing cactus fruit cream.

Base Price: $11.99

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Made In Hand-Crafted Small Batches
• Available Sizes (ml): 10, 30 & 60

• Available Nicotine Strengths (mg/ml): 1.5, 3, 6, 12, 18, 24, 35 & 50

• VG/PG Ratio: Varies From 50/50 To 80/20 Depending On
Flavor and Nicotine Strength

• Properly Steeped (Aged) Flavors

• Certified Child-Resistant & Tamper Evident Bottles

• 100% Made In The USA

Only The Best Ingredients (Nothing Else Added!)
• Nicotine: 100% Pure Organic USP Kosher Certified Liquid Nicotine Salt

• VG: 99.7+% Pure USP Kosher Certified Vegetable Glycerin (Palm Based)

• PG: 99.8+% Pure USP Kosher Certified Propylene Glycol

• Highest-Quality Food-Grade Natural And Artificial Flavoring

• All Ingredients USA Sourced

All E-Liquid Products Registered With The United States Food And Drug Administration